Poker has become on of the most popular games in the casinos today, and it is becoming more popular all the time. Whenever you go into a casino then chances are that you will see all the poker tables featured prominently. And that is not all. There are so many television programs that feature poker as part of their main attraction. Everywhere you go, you can see evidence of this craze. But the question is asked, what is so special about this games that makes it so special? Why do people flock to the online casinos, the land based casino and the tournaments just for this game? This answer is not a simple one, but such as it is, we will try.

It turns out that people like to play poker because it is a game that is a very sociable one, where people like to get together and play with friends and family. However, a good way to play is with strangers, since the game more or less a game where you have to talk with the others at your table. However, as you play and talk, you may find that at times people can be over competitive. This is alright, where money is at stake.

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