The Good Traits of Successful Poker Players

Poker is both a game of skill and luck. The best poker players are those who possess the mental skills and who are able to overcome bad luck. To be a good poker player, one must remain calm and confident in all situations.

As there is a degree of luck involved in poker, falling victim to a "bad beat" is unavoidable. A bad beat happens when a player loses even when he has a strong hand. Bad beats can be attributed to bad luck and even the best poker players experience bad beats every now and then. The difference between the good players and the bad ones is how they react to unfortunate situations like a bad beat. If you can stay calm and confident in all situations you can avoid going on a tilt, which means making haphazard bets. A bad poker player usually goes on a tilt in a bid to win back the chips he had lost. The result is a terrible loss in terms of hands and money.

A good poker player, on the other hand, knows that bad beats are part and parcel of a poker player's life. He knows how to deal with bad beats - and that is to laugh them off, forget about them and concentrate on the next hand. He keeps his emotions under control and makes intelligent moves at the poker table. He knows that losing a few hands in poker is not important and concentrates on the ultimate goal of winning.

Another vital trait of a good poker player is a good or excellent memory. Well, that is pretty obvious. You can't be a good player if you don't have previously stored information on the hands you played in the past. With good memory, you can easily call to mind your past plays and then formulate your actions to suit a current situation.

"But I'm not good in memorizing hands," you might say. Don't worry, for as long as you continue playing and practicing poker you will soon build up a formidable memory bank of poker information. Just pay close attention to each player's actions (like raising, folding or betting) and your "poker memory" will improve dramatically.

Now that you already know the characteristics of a good poker player, your next goal is to work on your good traits and start eliminating the bad ones. Improve your memory and your ability to stay calm and confident in the face of pressure. Remove your bad traits of becoming impatient and making poor or wild bets. Do these and you will become a far better player than you used to be.

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