Poker Chip Tricks 101: The Chip Twirl

The chip twirl is a fairly easy poker chip trick. This trick could easily be acquired as a habit. Once you master it, you could actually feel its almost relaxing properties, much like how a yin yang ball would help you relax.

You could also combine the chip twirl with other hand and finger poker chip tricks, thus offering a beautiful show. Its aim is really simple: using one hand to hold a stack of three chips, pulling the middle one out, twirling it, and returning it to the stack. Here is a step-by-step procedure of how to do the chip twirl.

1. Get a stack of three chips. To make your practice easier, get two chips of the same color and a chip of a different color. Put the differently-colored chip in the middle of the other two.

2. Hold the stack with your index finger and thumb. Position it just so your fingers are aligned with the center of the chips. Think as if there is an "equator line" cutting the chips in half. The equator line is where you should place your fingers.

3. With your middle finger, reach below your index finger just so it touches enough of the edge of the stack. Try to feel the edge of the middle chip, and drag it down with your middle finger.

4. Catch the middle chip with your ring finger. Simultaneously release your middle finger and hold the chip between your ring finger and the side of your index finger.

5. Make sure that the middle chip is completely free from the stack. This means that the edges do not touch the other chips. Also, make sure that your ring and index finger is holding the chip firmly.

6. This part may be a bit tricky at first. Expect that you will drop the chip a few times, but don't fret as you will easily get the hang of it. With your middle finger, push down on the edge of the middle chip so that it rotates or twirls. The key to this is to push it all the way round instead of flicking it, so that it does not fall off.

7. Slide the chip back into the stack. Repeat as many times as you like.

The chip twirl is a poker chip trick that is really good as a tool for meditation and concentration. Master it up to the point that you can unconsciously do it, and you will see that it is a good reliever of stress. If you don't get the chip twirl at first, remember to be patient. Remember, the key to mastering any poker chip trick is practice, practice, and more practice.

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