Poker Room Team Tournament

Team tournament poker has arrived.

In the most advanced and exhilarating breakthrough for internet poker in years, some poker rooms have declared the arrival of the Team Tournament. You can hook up with a team of about 10 players, or you can create your own team with your own set of poker friends.

You can turn your typical Friday night at home into a team game of poker players, and you can start your own game.

Teams have a minimum of five players (maximum of ten), and they can compete in leagues, with elimination rounds, for cash prizes. The teams are led by the "team manager". The function of the team manager is to delegate players to sign the team up for different activities or to play in competitions.

League Tournaments:

Team tournament leagues have various rounds; every round has individual players playing at the same time. The team produces a buy-in to join the league, which differs according to the number of teams included, the number of rounds, with the rounds being played weekly or daily.

An example of this is the Poker Room Team Tournament, which is a 20-team league. This tournament is composed of ten rounds in all, with every round having five simultaneous competitions. Every game would be a multi-table game, with one player from each of the 20 twenty teams playing.

The total buy-ins paid by every team will determine the prize money.

Team Eliminators:

One player is nominated from each team to compete against another team. The winning team will advance to the next round while the loser is eliminated.


Players from different teams contribute to a common "Team Wallet" that is basically a bank with the funds of the team in it. There are rules to arrange these funds from players in the poker room.

This is an outstanding concept in online poker and a very bold move. In its infancy at this writing, it is difficult to tell what type of response there will be to The Tournament of Teams, but the online poker rooms are striving to deliver a genuine choice, and something different and new.

As a team you can watch how your team progresses with every stage of the tournament. Be competitive and work with your teammates.

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