Texas Hold 'em Terms and Phrases

In terms of excitement and the potential winnings, few card games come close to Texas Hold 'em. It is the game of choice for major tournaments, be it over the Internet, casinos or television.

Given this fact, it is not surprising that a lot of people want to get into the game. for those who have little or no experience with this Poker variant, understanding Texas Hold 'em terms and phrases is very important, for without it the novice will have a difficult time comprehending tutorials and guides online.

Some of the Texas Hold 'em terms that you have to learn immediately are those concerned with basic play. The cards that are given to each player are called the pocket cards. The three shared (or board) up cards on the table are called the flop. Any betting or strategizing that takes place before the cards are laid is called pre flop.

The fourth community card is called the Turn, and the fifth is the River. In Texas Hold 'em, the terms Fourth Street and Fifth Street are also used to refer to these cards, respectively. A free card is a Turn or River in which a player does not wager. This can happen when someone is slow playing. If you are able to manufacture a hand by using the Turn and River, it is called a Backdoor.

The following are the most frequently used Texas Hold 'em terms for betting: the "ante" is usually the initial bet each player wagers; "to bet the pot" signifies that a player is wagering an amount equivalent to the pot; "buy the pot" means wagering an amount that forces the others to fold without needing to reveal your hand.

"All in" means betting all your money into the pot; if the participants all make a call pre-flop, it is called a "family pot". The pot odds is the differential between the amount at stake and the money one has to wager to continue playing.

Blinds are forced bets. The big blind (the big bet) and the small blind (small bet). The small bet is put up by the player to the left of the dealer, and the big blind by the one next to him/her. In Texas Hold 'em the term "live blind" refers to a palyer's option to increase his blind.

A player who holds an Ace and a King has the "big slick"; a full house is called "boat"; a hand that makes use of the lowest valued card in the flop s a bottom pair; in Texas Hold 'em terms, two Aces is a "bullet".

Connectors are cards separated by one rank; "The Dead Man's Hand" are hand combinations of Aces and Eights; if you hold cards in a single suit, it is a Flush; a hand that is one short of a Flush is a Flush Draw.

Other Texas Hold 'em terms: offsuit are the opposite of a flush, wth all cards belonging to a different suit; an over card has a higher value than any on the board; outs refer to the cards needed for a win; playing a card in a certain way is called "represent"; if you get a hand utilizing the Turn and the River it is a runner-runner situation.

These Texas Hold 'em terms and phrases do not cover everything, but at the very least they will help make sense of the numerous tutorials that you will have to read to become a better player.

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